About Jeff Whisnant

Jeff, owner and manager of the Whisnants, is the only original member traveling today. Aside from singing the baritone part, he performs the day to day tasks of keeping the ministry on the road.  Jeff says, “We placed our ministry in God’s hands many years ago and have watched Him do miraculous things. There is no doubt in my mind that God has His hand on this ministry.”

Full Name
Jeffrey Kevin Whisnant

September 16, 1964

Morganton, NC 28655

Contact Jeff

John L Whisnant, Sr & Betty Whisnant (parents); Rev. John L Whisnant, Jr (brother)

Job Description
Where do I start?  Owner and manager of the Whisnants.  I sing the baritone part and run sound from stage.  I work alongside the Harper Agency to handle our booking.  I work with Susan running UIA (our independent radio promotions business) putting together discs and dealing with artists about singles. And somewhere in between, I do my best to be a husband to Susan and Dad to Austin and Ethan.

When Were You Saved?
Sunday Morning in August of 1970 at the Grandview Baptist Church, Morganton, NC.  I was six years old.

Who is your favorite Southern Gospel Group/Groups?
Very hard question. The ones that influenced me the most have been The Rambos, The Goodmans, The Hinsons and Cathedrals.

What’s The First Gospel Concert You Attended?
The first “major” concert I remember was when my parents took me to the Asheville, NC Civic Center to see The Kingsmen and The Rambos.  I was very young.

What’s Your Favorite Food/Restaurant?
I’m not real picky. I really like a good steak from Logan’s Roadhouse or Texas Roadhouse.

What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?
When I was a kid, I always thought I would drive an 18-wheeler for a living.  So, at least part of the plan came true.  I just drive a bus instead.

What’s Your Favorite Cologne?
Perry Ellis Black 360 & Perry Ellis 18

What’s Your Favorite Automobile?
Dream car is a Hummer, but I like my Honda Ridgeline truck.

What’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot?
Our beach place at North Myrtle Beach, SC

Who Influenced You To Be In Southern Gospel Music?
My parents and Eldridge Fox (former owner of The Kingsmen)

Do You Have Any Unknown Talents?
I am a decent lead guitar player. I am enjoying working in my new studio at home.

Do You Have A Pet Peeve?
Disorganization on the bus and people who do things “half heartedly”

What’s Your Favorite Sport/Team/Player?
I like baseball (because and Austin and Ethan play). I like the Atlanta Braves. I recently have been liking Tim Tebow (Florida Gators) because of his awesome talent and bold Christian stance.


Who’s Your Favorite Preacher?
I love ALL preachers, but a few of my favorites are Dr. Herb Reavis, Dr. David Gibbs and Dr. Larry Brown. My favorite all-time Bible preacher/teacher was Dr. Adrian Rogers.

What’s The Biggest Challenge Being On The Road?
Time management and being away from home and family.

What Do You Like Best About Being On The Road?
The people we travel with and the people we sing to.

If You Could Vacation Anywhere, Where Would It Be?
Jamaica (that’s where Susan and I spent our honeymoon 21 years ago)

Do You Have A Favorite Date Or Annual Event?
I look forward to many, but the Bible Conference at Mims Baptist in Conroe, TX is a highlight of our year. NQC is a long week, but we enjoy being with the fans.

What Do You Enjoy When You’re Not On The Road?
I’m a “workaholic”, I work all the time (haha). I enjoy spending time with Susan, Austin and Ethan at home. I enjoy golfing with A & E and shooting guns together.

What’s The Funniest Thing A Fan Has Ever Said To You?
Is Susan your daughter?

Who’s Your Favorite Singer?
Kenny Hinson and Arthur Rice. Also, Taranda Greene.

Who’s Your Favorite Musician?
Brent Mason, Gary Prim and Ben Rochester

What’s A Typical Day On The Road?
(Try to stay awake, I’m pretty boring.) Get up at 8:30am (no matter when I went to bed). I never sleep much. Turn on Fox News and make coffee, drink it with Susan. Spend time reading my Bible and the devotional “My Utmost For His Highest.” Walk with Susan in the Wal-mart parking lot where we usually park every night. Come back to the bus and shower. Spend time booking dates or returning phone calls. Get ready to eat lunch either on the bus or at a restaurant. After this we head to the church or venue. After the concert, we tear down and usually head to some eating establishment.

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Wanting To Sing Gospel Music?
SEEK THE LORD’S WILL! Realize that this doesn’t happen over-night. If you are lazy or not determined, you probably won’t make it; this isn’t for the faint-hearted. Find your place (nitch) and be satisfied with what the Lord has for you to do. Love people and they will love you back. Integrity and a clean testimony will take you farther than talent. Give it all you got!



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