About Ethan Whisnant

Ethan is the youngest of the Whisnant family. At 17 years old, he brings much excitement and laughter to every day life on the road. Ethan loves to sing and to travel with his family.

Full Name
Ethan Harris Whisnant

September 14, 1997

Morganton, NC

Parents – Jeff & Susan Whisnant; Older brother – Austin Whisnant

Job Description
I take TB, our dog, outside and I help hand out brochures. Aaron calls me “Brochure Manager!”

When Were You Saved?
I was saved March 14, 2004 in Georgia.

Who Is Your Favorite Southern Gospel Group?
I like the Isaacs and the Rochesters

What’s The First Gospel Concert You Attended? 
9 months before I was born. Don’t know where.

What’s Your Favorite Food/Restaurant?
I like PF Chang and Famous Dave’s BBQ

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
I’m destined to be a gospel singer

What’s Your Favorite Cologne?
California by Hollister

What’s Your Favorite Automobile?
Mustang GT

What’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot?
Myrtle Beach, SC

Who Influenced You To Be In Southern Gospel Music?
My parents

Do You Have Any Unknown Talents?
I’m a video game guru

Do You Have A Pet Peeve?
People that smack their gum

What’s Your Favorite Sport/Team or Player?
Baseball. Braves and the Red Sox. Albert Puljos


Who’s Your Favorite Preacher?
My paw paw Dry and Bob Pittman

What’s The Biggest Challenge Being On The Road?
Not being at my home church with friends

What Do You Like Best About Being On The Road?
Getting to meet people

If You Could Vacation Anywhere, Where Would It Be?

Do You Have A Favorite Date Or Annual Event?
I like Mims Baptist in Texas and going on the cruises we do every year

What Do You Enjoy When You’re Not On The Road?
I love fishing and playing with my friends

What’s The Funniest Thing A Fan Ever Said To You?
We were in Canada and some friends brought us doughnuts at a concert. We had them at our table and a guy came by and asked if he could have one!! I gave him one that I didn’t like! haha

Who’s Your Favorite Singer?
I like Karen Peck, Brad Paisley and my mom

Who’s Your Favorite Musician?
Ben Rochester and my dad

What’s A Typical Day On The Road?
Staying at a Wal-mart somewhere, going to eat and playing my Xbox

What Advice Would You Give Someone Who Wants To Be Sing Gospel Music?
Hope you like to be gone a lot.




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