About Austin Whisnant

Although he has traveled on the bus all his life, Austin is the newest member to join the Whisnants on stage. In January of 2009 after much prayer and practice, Austin became the group’s bass player. While he loves playing bass guitar, Austin feels blessed to be able to sing as well.   At only 18 years old, his love for Southern Gospel Music has been an inspiration to all.

Full Name
Austin Jeffrey Whisnant

June 17, 1994

Morganton, NC

Job Description
I play bass guitar for the group.  I help load equipment. Aaron calls me “Soundtrack Manager”

When Were You Saved?
I was saved in 1999.

Who Is Your Favorite Southern Gospel Group?
Brian Free and Assurance

What’s The First Gospel Concert You Attended?
9 months before I was born – don’t know where

What’s Your Favorite Food/Restaurant?

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
Don’t know yet, haha

What’s Your Favorite Cologne?
Mont Blanc- Individual

What’s Your Favorite Automobile?
Toyota Tacoma

What’s Your Favorite Vacation Spot?
Myrtle Beach, SC

Who Influenced You To Be In Southern Gospel Music?
My parents

Do You Have Any Unknown Talents?
I’m a good landscaper

Do You Have A Pet Peeve? 
Lazy people

What’s Your Favorite Sport/Team/Player?
Football. Carolina Panthers. Steve Smith


Who’s Your Favorite Preacher?
I like Phil Hoskins and Bob Pittman

What’s The Biggest Challenge Being On The Road?
Missing youth activities at my home church

What Do You Like Best About Being On The Road?
Always being “on the go”

If You Could Vacation Anywhere, Where Would It Be?
I’d like to go to Hawaii

Do You Have A Favorite Date, Or Annual Event?
I like going to the NQC

What Do You Enjoy When You’re Not On The Road?
Hanging with friends and working outside

What’s The Funniest Thing A Fan Has Ever Said To You?
Ok… Eric and I play with the tracks on stage. Someone asked me, “How is all that music coming from just you’re bass guitar and Eric’s piano?” Classic!!!

Who’s Your Favorite Singer?
I like Bill Shivers and Danny Riley

Who’s Your Favorite Musician?
Kevin Grant and Mike Hopper

What’s A Typical Day On The Road?
Sleep til at least 11am, go into Wal-mart, eat lunch, set up equipment and go in to sing

What Advice Would You Give To Someone Wanting To Sing Gospel Music?
Make sure you like traveling on a bus!




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